Pantai Hill resort Noise Levels

thWe have written about the issue of ‘noise’ is our section concerning resorts. <<read the full description here>>

In summary, here are the pertinent facts again. The Malaysian Department of Environment and also a reference to internationally accepted levels – state that:

1. Rural areas with no major roads nearby: 45dbA
2. Quiet suburban neighbourhood, not close to major roads, little night time activity: 50 -55dbA
3. Noise sensitive areas, low density residential: 50dbA (7am-10pm) and 40dbA (10pm-7am)
4. Suburban residential (medium density), parks, recreational areas: 50dbA (7am-10pm) and 40dbA (10pm-7am)

The anticipated community response to noise: An allowance – amount – exceeding noise criteron in (dbA).Stochastic_Resonance_High_Noise_Level

by 5dbA – sporadic complaints
by 10dbA – widespread comlpaints
by 15dbA – threats of community action
by 20dbA – vigorous community action

In other words, if noise on the hill reaches 70dbA between 7am-10pm and 60dbA between 10pm-7am, the Department of Environment expects a BIG reaction from the community affected. (But i think we have been tolerating higher levels without much reaction)

Why do we even bother with these benchmark numbers? Well, it gives us some kind of guide to what is reasonable. And since it is easy to download a ‘sound meter app’ into our phones, we can easily test noise levels in a very rudimentary way. (Just keep in mind that we need to stay clear of objects that will bounce the sound waves directly into our phone’s mic and thus giving us a much higher reading. So an adequately open space would be best to do any testing)

Please bear in mind:

The Local Government Act 1976 and the various Town Board Enactment also contain provisions enabling due action to be taken against, including prosecution of owners or occupiers of premises, whether public or private, emitting noise that are deemed to be a nuisance.

Minor Offences Ordinance 1953 prohibits noise after 11.00 p.m., and the police are empowered to act forthwith on complains.