Good MORNING! Pantai Hill Orchard

Pantai Hill Orchard Resort moon rise, beauty

6am Moon rise at Pantai Hill Orchard resort. Such a lovely gift to all. Lets not destroy it.

Hello to visitors of Pantai Hill Orchard Resorts: Awanmulan, Cabinz Cottage, The Shorea and The Dusun

This place is home to several families who are also full time residents of Pantai Hill. We appreciate it – if visitors can respect our right to healthy lives and peaceful enjoyment of our homes, by refraining from excessive noise and visiting in large groups. Visitors like customers have the power to regulate the resorts, through their voice and patronage. We hope you will make sensible choices.

Seremban Getaways – Pantai Hill Orchard

Several Malaysian media outlets both online and print versions have highlighted amazing getaways in Malaysia. It is great to know that resorts from Pantai Hill have been featured in these publications. For the media to recognise and highlight these Seremban getaways, it shows that Pantai Hill does genuinely offer a valued getaway destination.

However, we would like to add our (resident) opinions to what these media outlets have perhaps missed out in their quick and short description of such vacation destinations.

Peaceful Getaways in Malaysia

Published by: The Edge Travel Focus

Here is what they said:

Tired of congested tourist spots?Here are some off-the-beaten-track destinations where you can de-stress and rejuvenate…Several retreat bungalows and boutique hotels such as The Dusun, Awanmulan and The Shorea, offer visitors spectacular views of majestic trees and mountains.

We don’t have a problem with publications promoting  ‘off-the-beaten-track destinations’. However, certain resort operators are not conscious of – the impact of their operations on the surrounding environment. When capitalist oriented individuals sell out to – the ‘Priority of Profit’, such mentality overpowers community well being. This is exactly the kind of irresponsible behaviour that destroys relationships with local community and worst, destroys the very place that is suppose to bring a ‘Peaceful Getaway’. (This is the most common result of how places of natural beauty gets destroyed, all over the world)

7 Amazing Places to Vacation at in Malaysia

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They featured 6 destinations in different states. What they failed to recognise is the difference in actual operational status of each resort/hotel destination. Ones in Ipoh, KL, Penang, Melaka and Serendah are proper commercial outlets with hotel licences. The Shorea, featured under Seremban does not have such an operational license and worst still The Shorea’s operations in-fringes on the comfort and peace of their neighbours – partly because of how they have built their structures and how they ignore noise complaints by their neighbours.

Here is what they said:

The Shorea – Built within a tropical forest reserve, the resort is an appreciation of nature itself. Build mostly from recycled shorea timber, it’s a great place for some R&R with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains.

We can’t blame femalemag for doing so (because how would they know?). In our experience we find that The Shorea does not appreciate nature. Owners of The Shorea do not respect their surroundings and do not respect nature and they have had multiple run-ins with neighbours regarding water drainage, water usage, water preservation, rubbish disposal in nature, noise, building materials spillage and trash.

10 Retreats Under RM250 per night

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Here is what they said:

…family-owned business, which was started over 30 years ago, seeks to promote sustainable farming and jungle conservation…There are five houses — Berembun, Emas, Sora, Perling and Tembusu, which combine elements of Malay and orang asli architecture….This is a perfect spot to marvel at nature, whether a waterfall or the beautiful hills. There are several swimming spots as well as jungle trekking and guided walks to experience kampung life.

We find this short reporting by the star to be fairly accurate. This family owned resort were the pioneers of resort business on Pantai Hill and have lived up to their ‘kampung life and jungle conservation’ attributes. They have always responded well to community needs and have earned the respect from the orang Asli community they employ. Residents on Pantai Hill do not have a problem dealing with them.

Romantic Highland Honemoon Getaway in Malaysia

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Here is what they said:

Located on the hills hidden deep in the heart of Negeri Sembilan, The Shorea was built in a tropical forest reserve, making it an exclusively tranquil place to spend your honeymoon. If you and your spouse are nature lovers or you seeking for some peaceful rejuvenation, probably even a taste of Balinese honeymoon away from the crowd in Malaysia, this is the ideal forest getaway.

If you are a honeymoon couple looking for a tranquil place, we doubt that The Shorea will give you tranquility and peaceful rejuvenation they claim. The reason we say this is because as residents, what we have often observed large group bookings into The Shorea. If you read reviews from you will find that people complain about how close their ‘Villas’ (which are actually- small rooms) are to each other and if you are a couple on honeymoon, it is certainly not a choice spot for you.

10 Secluded Forest Resorts in Malaysia for a Relaxing Getaway

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Here is what they said:

AwanMulan is a cozy family run retreat located in Negeri Sembilan. Above the hills, and amidst the clouds, it’s not only a romantic getaway, but a perfect stop for family or friends

We do agree that Awanmulan is a cozy family run resort. And especially during rainy days there are many misty pockets in the hills around. In our opinion, it is a great place for family and friends only if the numbers are kept low. Just like The Shorea, Awanmulan is located on a residential hill. There are neighbours close by. Due to the open architecture plans favoured by residents on the hill – sound travels intact and easily reaches into the homes of others. Unlike The Shorea owners, the Awanmulan family have left their doors a little open for negotiation and do respond when taken to task. They are also quite professional in their dealings. Our message to Awanmulan is to please watch your numbers so the noise does not put a bad mark on your operations. To potential guests please regulate yourself – noise penetrates deep and we can hear almost every word (although muffled from time to time).

Best weekend getaways: Two-day trips

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Here is what they said:

A nature lover’s dream, the well-hidden property is mainly constructed using recycled shorea timber (hence its name)… Staff at The Shorea are known for their personalised service – city-dwelling families and couples looking for a relaxing forest retreat will not be disappointed.

We have already highlighted issues regarding The Shorea’s behaviour and it’s standing within the local community of Pantai Hill above. However, visitors to The Shorea will be rudely shocked, that for such a beautiful location that it commands, the owners have ‘overbuilt’. If visitors come today, you will observe a large unsightly construction going on behind the resort. When completed, this add on wing will make The Shorea into a large concrete building with water features that will heavily impose on Pantai Hill’s water demands. <<Take a look at what they are building>> 

Trash everywhere – Pantai Hill Orchard Resort

Contractor trash - Pantai Hill orchard resort Contractor trash - Pantai Hill orchard resort Contractor trash - Pantai Hill orchard resort Contractor trash - Pantai Hill orchard resort Contractor trash and building materials - Pantai Hill orchard resort nw_150508_0024

Development on the hill leaves its ugly scars. This is the work of Foo Ah Kow and his boys.  This is the original contractor that the developer commissioned to build homes for Pantai Hill. He will often appear neutral and approachable. But looks can be deceiving. He has a ‘God Father’ persona on the hill. So, dear visitors, please if you care for this nice place, bring this rubbish issue up with your resorts and if you do see this white-haired man – Foo Ah Kow riding his bike around, please say something to him.

Water Pipe Repairs – Pantai Hill Orchard Resort


Pantai Hill Orchard - Infrastructure repair work

Leaking pipe in front of Chandran’s house. Milan helps us out. This pipe laid more than 10 years ago has been frequently leaking at various points.

Despite the ‘Cold War’ being waged on the hill, maintenance of essential infrastructure still continues. This particular stretch of water pipe has been leaking at various points. Another quick fix for now, but eventually we need to change the entire section of this pipe.

Pantai Hill Orchard - Infrastructure repair work

Milan, fixing a saddle onto the leaking pipe.

Another side of The Shorea – OneForest OneResort really?

Shorea shown to the world. Yes beautiful and serene.

Shorea shown to the world. Yes beautiful and serene.

This is The Shorea to the world, beautiful pictures with 25,000 facebook likes. That is wonderful marketing effort, well done.

There is however another side of things and this would be the over building – for profit – at the expense of neighbours and exclusive serenity of Pantai Hill Orchard.

Pantai Hill Orchard - Resort Infrastructure building

Heavy structures just behind the current Shorea

If this continues, eventually The Shorea’s guests will be  short changed and confined into a space with a view, but surrounded by concrete structures. So much so for 1forest 1 resort.

Pantai Hill Orchard - Resort Infrastructure building

Squeezing heavy structures in a small space

Pantai Hill Orchard - Resort Infrastructure building

Totally irresponsible and greedy. Look at how close the ‘over built’ structures of The Shorea are to their neighbours on Pantai Hill Orchard.