Pantai Hill Community River Cleanup – Letter for new bin

This is the follow up to our recent cleanup at the river dump-site. To prevent future garbage dumps into the river banks by irresponsible resorts on Pantai Hill and residents around Pantai Hill, we have initiated a letter – sanctioned together with the Kampung Baru Pantai village – requesting SWM Environment Sdn Bhd (the company that is contracted to provide garbage bins and garbage collection) to provide a new garbage bin to be located between the Orang Asli village and the SJK Cina Pantai Baru. We hope our request will be given attention soon.

letter for garbage bin

letter of request for new garbage bin between Kampung Baru Pantai an the Orang Asli village

Pantai Hill Resort Trash – Seremban Getaway


Several people have caught resort workers dispose resort trash into the river banks. This area is outside the Pantai Hill gates, but greatly demonstrates how if unchecked – the tourism impact on the hill can quickly erode the pristine environment.

Take a closer look at the rubbish dump by the river.

UPDATE: This section of the river has been clean on 31st May 2015 by Pantai Hill residents who volunteered for the community cleanup. Thank you to those who gave their energy and time. <<Read the full report here>>

Pantai Hill Orchard - Resort TrashPantai Hill Orchard - Resort Trash

The Shorea concrete spill – Pantai Hill Resort

Pantai Hill Orchard - Infrastructure mess

Concrete spilled on the road when Shorea was building its new pool. This is one of several stretches of concrete spillage by Shorea within the roads of Pantai Hill.

This issue has been raise with both -The Shorea contractor and the owners themselves. Both parties have blatantly ignored our requests to rectify the problem since March 2015.

Pantai Hill Orchard - Infrastructure mess

The concrete spillage forces cars to align to one side of the road, making the slippery ascent dangerous because of on-coming cars