Kampung Pantai villages say – Reputation Matters

Last week, the Kampung Pantai community leaders and representatives met up to discuss issues affecting Kampung Pantai.

They cited Pantai Hill Orchard Resort as an ongoing concern needing attention. They are worried that resorts on Pantai Hill may be generating a ‘BAD’ name for Kampung Pantai at large.

Here are a list of their concerns:

1. Resorts and residents are: ‘Elites of Kampung Pantai’ integrating poorly with rest of the village

2. Resorts don’t have Muslims in mind as their operations are deemed non-halal in many areas

3. Resorts have been a venue for prostitution activities

4. Resorts have been a venue for drug parties

5. Ongoing battle between resorts and residents draws bad publicity and attention from local authorities