Pesticide use on Pantai Hill Resort

We have been highlighting the extremely damaging effects of ‘Roundup’ the very popular weed killer from Monsanto. You can read them here and also from this posting: ‘Roundup, the ultimate killing Machine’.

We cannot say enough. The dangers to all on Pantai Hill, especially to small children and unborn babies. Please take some time to understand and voice out these concerns to your favourite resorts here on Pantai Hill.

Builders and contractors operating on Pantai Hill use pesticides to help clear land and for quick maintenance. If you see such opeartions in play, please help educate and stop them.


A recent article in The Star, highlights a study published by the University of California Berkeley – linked organophosphate pesticide metabolites in the urine of children to decreased lung function. The magnitude of this decrease is similar to a child’s second hand smoke exposure from his/her mother. These new findings are about children who live in an agriculture area where organophosphates are used. These chemicals target the nervous system and then to the lung of healthy children.


Telekom comes to Pantai Hill Resort


After years of disappointment and failure to bring a land line into Pantai Hill Resort, the dark clouds finally parted. Our ‘Lobbying’ efforts in 2015 has finally succeeded – Telekom Malaysia is  here!

How long more before we actually get a line into our homes? who knows, but the consolation is that this dream is – already at the ‘last mile’.


Surprise Visit by Health Authorities to Pantai Hill Orchard Resort

Visit from NS Ministry of Health and Special water unit BKSA

Visit by Ministry of Health (NS) and BKSA (a licensing unit monitoring water usage from rivers)

Just when we thought the Malaysian rule of law was indeed a farce, these two governmental bodies turned up and caught us by surprise.

They requested to be shown our water source and pursued an investigation into water quality and water usage by all resorts and residents on Pantai Hill Orchard.

I guess the free and wild days of our spring water usage may be on its last legs, especially for resort operators. Other licensing issues and acts contravening land laws and penalties were highlighted. They have asked us to await their directive for the next steps forward.

We love this hill called Pantai Hill Orchard and we certainly hope that a little pain now will avert a catastrophic destruction later on.

Kampung Pantai villages say – Reputation Matters

Last week, the Kampung Pantai community leaders and representatives met up to discuss issues affecting Kampung Pantai.

They cited Pantai Hill Orchard Resort as an ongoing concern needing attention. They are worried that resorts on Pantai Hill may be generating a ‘BAD’ name for Kampung Pantai at large.

Here are a list of their concerns:

1. Resorts and residents are: ‘Elites of Kampung Pantai’ integrating poorly with rest of the village

2. Resorts don’t have Muslims in mind as their operations are deemed non-halal in many areas

3. Resorts have been a venue for prostitution activities

4. Resorts have been a venue for drug parties

5. Ongoing battle between resorts and residents draws bad publicity and attention from local authorities

Open Burning on Pantai Hill Orchard Resort

Serenity Sanctuary open burning during a bad haze

Serenity Sanctuary open burning during a bad haze

Open burning is an offense under the Malaysian Environmental Quality (Amendment)Act 2001

We the residents of Pantai Hill Orchard strongly discourage such actions especially during the haze periods.

Serenity Sanctuary recently angered neighbours in the midst of very bad haze conditions – when they chose to open burn what looks like… leftover construction material and garden rubbish.

When we burn most waste items, toxic and dangerous by-products are created. These are not subsequently destroyed by the fire and are emitted into the air we breathe. These pollutants can have profound long term health implications.

For example burning wood that is painted or treated with a preservative can be the cause of emitting very toxic fumes. The same is true when paper, which is plastic coated or contains certain inks, or glue used to bind pages together in book form, is burned.

Today, bleached paper, plastic packaging or plastic products, and printed materials with glues, plastic coatings and coloured inks make up a large portion of society’s waste. When these items are burned in low temperature fires like those that take place in a backyard burn, very high levels of toxic chemicals and fine particulate matter are released with the smoke. Many of these toxins don’t readily break down, leading to accumulation and persistence in the environment. –

Pantai Hill Orchard Wars – the fight over water and noise

Pantai Hill residents want peace

We want peace but it looks impossible to achieve

The last few weeks on Pantai Hill has been stressful. We have seen an escalation of conflict between residents and resort operators. The issues once again revolved around water and noise. The stubborn hazy-dry weather, over consumption of water, aggressive vandalism and selfish behaviour of some resorts and individuals have sparked another heated exchange – ending with very little to show – as the call of peace was quietly rejected.

A resident and resort proposed a newly re-worked Community Agreement but this was also dead in the water.

Dear visitors and guests to Pantai Hill Orchard. Let me be clear. There is tension in these hills. Please be aware of angry residents who may not welcome you because – certain resorts you may be staying at are behaving SELFISHLY and are irresponsible as a member of the Pantai Hill Orchard Resort community.

There is an an ongoing legal battle, noise issues are inadequately addressed and issues with the quality of the water (right now) is problematic, because the levels are so low that most of the water coming through the pipes are a-washed in mud and slush from our main tank.

Some recently unacceptable actions by the Pantai Hill Orchard Resort Community:
1. Water shortage has pushed Awanmulan to collect water above the Pantai community line – compromising our water collection.
2. Awanmulan defended their actions by pointing fingers at another resort and arrogantly left us in the dark regarding their water collection
3. Breakdown in community communication has resulted in, inefficient and haphazard water collection methods, undermining the stability of our water collection and basic living for residents.
4. Vandalism of The Dusun’s water pipe – slashed/punctured and stuffed with plastics.
5. Noise complaints by residents not respected by resort operators – push residents to react directly at their guests. Serenity Sanctuary and The Shorea have been very poor in their response to residents affected by their oversight.
6. Quality of water and its origins are not clearly made known to visitors. The risk factor has increased due to persistently low water levels.(compounded by our community conflict)

Dear visitors, as you can see – these are unresolved issues leading to high tensions on Pantai Hill. As paying guests, you should be aware of what you are signing up to, paying for and the kind of environment you are coming into at Pantai Hill Orchard Resort.

There were also calls and offers to host a ‘Peace Talk’ by some residents but it seems – that to is fading into oblivion. Just like most things – majority will not do anything until something DRASTIC happens. Peace is not always the obvious choice when profit and ego is around 😦