Pantai Hill Watch appeals to visitors, resort operators, contractors and residents to all help preserve its beauty and tranquility. No large groups, no parties, clean surroundings and little noise as possible.

We seek to document hill activities and to keep an eye on unrestrained development and tourism. We hope that VISITORS of the hill can in-turn regulate the resorts themselves by not participating and not patronising them, if they are deemed guilty of misbehaving for the purpose of profiteering at the expense of others. <<Find out more about Visitor guidelines>>

Issues we are concerned with:
Noise / Crime / Environment / Road Safety & Traffic / Neighbourhood Watch & Community

Our success is dependent on the strong and effective partnerships built and maintained with the police, local village people, local indigenous people, village heads and of course Pantai Hill residents.

Broadly, we encourage all residents of the hill to act on any noise, safety and security concerns and promote community spirit for hill UNITY.

Perhaps a tall order, but for those involved, we pledge our efforts to a life long dedication to Pantai Hill. We are always looking for new residents to join us in our quest.

<<Join us and help be a watcher:)>>

Our project is supported by the Pantai Village Police and the Village head of Kampung Pantai.


1.Noise levels
Noise is a major and contentious point between resort operators and residents.
Noise is especially intrusive because rural areas have low ambient sound levels especially at night.

Pantai Hill Watch calls on the resort operators to respect the people who reside nearby, to honor their right to healthy lives and peaceful enjoyment of their homes, by adopting meaningful changes and reconfiguration to their businesses so we can all live peacefully.

Read what the Malaysian Department of Environment’s view on noise (pdf):
<<Planning Guidelines for Environmental Noise Limits and Control>>

Areas of concern include prevalence of pesticide use, conservation of water, open burning and rubbish disposal.

>> Read more about our views on the environment & conservation issues<<

3.Road Safety & Traffic
The roads leading up to the hill is narrow and is fit only for one car to pass. As hill development picks up and as the resorts grow in size and popularity, traffic during certain periods will be heavier than usual.

We encourage cars to honk at tight bends and refrain from speeding along the 4km stretch leading up to Pantai Hill gates.

Parking of cars at resorts become an issue when there are large numbers. Appropriate parking facilities off-the main road is a necessary provision.

We hope to initiate road signs and helpful tips to prevent accidents.

Concrete spillage has been a frequent problem, rendering nice roads into incongruous and undesirable mounts of hardened dirt. This is especially unpleasant and dangerous.

Contractors and property owners need to be made responsible for such spillages.

We have been fortunate that generally, crime remains at a manageable level.
In 2014, there was an attempted rape incident involving foreign workers and an indigenous girl. There have also been numerous times when party environments from a resort attracted unwanted outside visitors.

These incidents have partially been checked by permanently locking the gates. We will be initiating Police patrols and establishing neighbourhood alerts on a daily and nightly basis.

5.Neighbourhood watch and policing
We are initiating a scheduled Police patrol inside our gates and community projects for sustainbility. We hope that Pantai Hill residents and visitors will give the necessary cooperation and initiative to make our community projects successful. Everyone’s participation is very much needed.

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