Uninformed Journalists promoting – The Shorea on Pantai Hills

Here is a recent article from the New Straits Times, titled: Social Media Lure – BY Hanna Hussein & Khairul Ashraf Kammed

Once again, uninformed journalists are promoting this disputed and troubled laden Pantai Hill Orchard Resort (developed for residential use)…as a commercial – “Amazing Jungle Retreat in Seremban”. (Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/07/159751/social-media-lure)

Hanna & Khairul, when you do read this i hope you guys can issue a retraction about this jungle retreat in Seremban called Shorea. The entire business model of resorts in this area, is disputed and is an on-going conflict with residents. It is also currently under investigation by all relevant authorities. (please read this blog for more historical context)

Look below, links to a recent 4 page expose of Pantai Hills by the Malay Mail here:

Update 01
Please also take a look at the latest 3 reviews on The Shorea – from Trip Advisor:

This 3rd review on Tripadvisor (just written 2 weeks ago) is worth mentioning here. I’ll post it in full below:

“Wish we could leave tonight itself!”
1 of 5 starsReviewed 2 weeks ago via mobile

We decided to spend this Hari Raya holiday here in Shorea this year. What a mistake! For the price we paid.. we might have as well gone to Tanjung Jara. BTW, we forked out 10k for the whole villa. The pool was murky. Make sure the kids are no where near the shallow pool and its sharp edges. The wooden flooring which looked pristine in pictures, need serious repairing. On d 2nd floor, where single beds are placed against the windows.. the windows cannot be locked. If u or yr kids are rough sleepers.. plz pull d mattress to d floor. Bcoz of the steep stairs to the hotel from where u leave d car.. leave any handicapped family members at home. The nightmare got worse tonite as i write this.. place attacked by wasp.. a call to the management and the advice was- to off all the lights.
In d middle of the jungle and total darkness. Great..but it is also a smart way to save on electricity bill, no? Since already there is not a single air-condition and no tv .. fine since its marketed as eco-resort? But shouldn’t cleanliness at least also be impeccable? And oh, btw, by 1am, every single one of the staffers leaves the hotel ground for home. In case of an emergency.. they say they will come by.. hopefully soon enough to unlock the gates ( which btw u can enter from the sides) and get yr car outta there. There are no locks to d doors of d hotel and rooms that if someone breaks into the hotel ground we hope they would stop at our cars parked in d darkness downstairs. My nephew got stung just now.. when we called d staff who was preparing to go home, she said she had just attended to two other kids in Shorea Estate, next door who also suffered the same. For goodness sake d windows and d many many airholes should at least have nettings. Tonite, we sleep hearing em insects flying around and praying hard we dont get stung. Kids slept off crying in fear. I am thankful they are asleep by the time the lizards come out to occupy the ceiling above the bed. That explains d the litters on d bed netting. I wont dwell on the green mould by the poll for fear of sounding petty. All in all.. to me and my family-this place is a death trap. Other than Trip Advisor where comments are genuine.. a lot of what u read are praises. I’m beginning to think it’s d shorea owners themselves who wrote them simply because its impossible to feel that way if u had stayed here. By the way, be careful with yr back when u attempt to use the bidet after doing yr business as it is behind u and right at d bottom.
We spoke to the staff who all seem to be aware of all the problems we had with this place. The owners they said, had been told many times of guests’ feedback, especially of d existing dangers. But they seem not to be bothered, according to the staff. Not d locks, not security issues, d broken flooring, not d wasp problem. In case health security is huge to u.. u must know that d water supply is also sourced from d river. They have a filter though. Just not sure how it works for leptospirosis, if the threat is there. The so-called infinity pool which looks inviting in pictures-If yr kid pulls himself up, he falls right down from two floors. But hey! since they get full bookings half the time, why shud they bother bucking up right? Staffers say guests are never repeat customers.. most of them were like us who were floored by the reviews i believe are fake with the nice pictures with orange lighting and what not. To illustrate how they dont give a damn…d queen size bed btw has a round mosquito net above which if u try to use.. it covers u from d waist right up to yr face. Just how idiotic can they be. I see here Shorea apologising and promising guests the next time around it would be better. I read the one in Feb. This is July.. so u think? WE HATE THIS PLACE AND WISH WE COULD GET OUR MONEY BACK! We should have known when we arrived at the gate. This was supposed to be a time for us busy people to unwind. These pictures i attach are the real deal. Earlier today, we left d place to take a breather and saw this one sign.. it all makes sense now.

Stayed July 2016, travelled with family


4 Thank Farrah K
This review is the subjective opinion of a TripAdvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC




Pantai Hill Orchard Wars – the fight over water and noise

Pantai Hill residents want peace

We want peace but it looks impossible to achieve

The last few weeks on Pantai Hill has been stressful. We have seen an escalation of conflict between residents and resort operators. The issues once again revolved around water and noise. The stubborn hazy-dry weather, over consumption of water, aggressive vandalism and selfish behaviour of some resorts and individuals have sparked another heated exchange – ending with very little to show – as the call of peace was quietly rejected.

A resident and resort proposed a newly re-worked Community Agreement but this was also dead in the water.

Dear visitors and guests to Pantai Hill Orchard. Let me be clear. There is tension in these hills. Please be aware of angry residents who may not welcome you because – certain resorts you may be staying at are behaving SELFISHLY and are irresponsible as a member of the Pantai Hill Orchard Resort community.

There is an an ongoing legal battle, noise issues are inadequately addressed and issues with the quality of the water (right now) is problematic, because the levels are so low that most of the water coming through the pipes are a-washed in mud and slush from our main tank.

Some recently unacceptable actions by the Pantai Hill Orchard Resort Community:
1. Water shortage has pushed Awanmulan to collect water above the Pantai community line – compromising our water collection.
2. Awanmulan defended their actions by pointing fingers at another resort and arrogantly left us in the dark regarding their water collection
3. Breakdown in community communication has resulted in, inefficient and haphazard water collection methods, undermining the stability of our water collection and basic living for residents.
4. Vandalism of The Dusun’s water pipe – slashed/punctured and stuffed with plastics.
5. Noise complaints by residents not respected by resort operators – push residents to react directly at their guests. Serenity Sanctuary and The Shorea have been very poor in their response to residents affected by their oversight.
6. Quality of water and its origins are not clearly made known to visitors. The risk factor has increased due to persistently low water levels.(compounded by our community conflict)

Dear visitors, as you can see – these are unresolved issues leading to high tensions on Pantai Hill. As paying guests, you should be aware of what you are signing up to, paying for and the kind of environment you are coming into at Pantai Hill Orchard Resort.

There were also calls and offers to host a ‘Peace Talk’ by some residents but it seems – that to is fading into oblivion. Just like most things – majority will not do anything until something DRASTIC happens. Peace is not always the obvious choice when profit and ego is around 😦


Pantai Hill Resort – Water Wars

Water tank zero

Pantai Hill Resort water tank totally empty

Dear visitors and resort guests, we would like to share with you a recent incident involving water supply on Pantai Hill – how some residents and the 4 resorts (The Shorea, Cabinzcottage, The Dusun and Awanmulan) behaved in view of this recent water shortage event.

First, a bit of background – Pantai Hill Resort draws its water from a creek near the top of the hill. It is then stored in a big tank supposedly enough to supply to about 80 homes. However, the volume of this in-coming water varies with the weather patterns and does not allow adequate water supply all year round.

We currently have 24 homes on the hill, out of which 7 are used for resort operations. The tank water is suppose to feed 80 homes, but even at current numbers (24) we already have problems. Put in another way, occupancy rate based on lots available (inside Pantai Hill Resort gated community) is only 30% and yet there is already water shortage problems during certain months.

Out of the 24 homes, only 4 homes have residents who permanently live on the hill. These 4 homes have a total of only 9 people. If the average water usage in a household per person is 220 liters/day (Malaysian usage, highest in SE Asia) – 9 permanent residents would use an average of 1980 liters/day.

Assuming the water tank holds about 500,000 liters when full and the recent emptying of the water tank took 10 days to happen from one quarter level of tank (ie. 125,000 liters and no new water flows in). The 9 permanent residents would use 19,800 liters in 10 days, representing 16% total of water usage.

This implies that 84% of tank water is predominantly used by and for construction activities, resort operations, resort guests, visitors and visiting residents.

Now back to the story…

10 days ago, we (permanent residents the 16%) sent out 4 emails cautioning non-permanent residents and resort operators that the water level in the tank was getting critically low. Yesterday water went totally empty. These were the replies several days before water was completely emptied:

From users who make up 84% of tank water usage:

1. Non-permanent residents: ALL were silent as usual (except for Chandran and Julliet who offered to alert her contractor and for them to conserve water over this period)

2. Awanmulan: “We better pray…” (resort continued operations with no compromise)

3. Cabinzcottage: “So!….i’ve got my own water line wat?!” (resort continued operations with no compromise)

4. The Shorea: They remained silent and went on to operate an on-site concrete mixer for 2 days non-stop at the peak of this water crisis. (resort continued operations with no compromise)

5. The Dusun: “The Dusun will not be using water from the Pantai Hills reservoir as of tomorrow afternoon. We will arrange alternative source until this water crisis is over.”

(People with their own lines (from the same source) do not lift much burden from the Pantai Hill Tank, because they still use the main tank water until it runs out before switching over to their reserve lines. The only effective way is like The Dusun’s example – stopping usage and arranging alternative sources)

From users who make-up 16% of tank water usage:

1.. Permanent resident Rafi: “I have cancelled my hari raya celebrations this saturday and informed my guests..”

So, dear Pantai Hill visitors and resort guests. The summary above gives you an idea of the water shortage problem on the hill and also how much empathy and foresight each individual and resorts have for permanent residents of Pantai Hill.

Please choose your resorts carefully and please do not support ones who blatantly ignore and exclude themselves from communal hill responsibilities especially – if they are a core contributor to the 84%….at the expense of the 16%.

The story of ‘WATER’ is a major one. It doesn’t end here. More to come.

The Shorea – Dishonest, Irresponsible & Greedy – Removes facebook comments

After being investigated by the Police for hosting and allowing a Techno party with drugs to continue (despite furious complaints by their neighbours) – The Shorea embarks on a PR campaign to protect its brand name by deleting (constructive comments) and removing the ability to comment on its facebook page.

Below is the evidence of what was posted and subsequently deleted by The Shorea.

deleted comments on he shorea facebook page

Comments posted on The Shorea’s facebook page deleted.

The Shorea Techno Party – Police Investigation & Urine Testing

This techno party, hosted by The Shorea on Pantai Hill resorts- started in the late afternoon of 29 June 2015. As the repetitive music bounced and banged its way through the jungle trees and the serene valley below, guests from other nearby resorts and resident neighbours felt its over bearing imposition. THIS is MADNESS!

Party at The Shorea

The Shorea – hosting a techno party in Pantai Hill resorts. High volume of cars parked outside with no consideration for noise affecting neighbours

How can this happen again!!?? Don’t The Shorea owners have any consideration for their neighbours? or are they so blinded by  capitalist rewards $$$$$$$$ that their hearts have been hardened into stone…till they feel nothing, like a serial rapist picking on another victim… with no remorse.

Calls and smses to the owners of The Shorea did not yield any response. The manager of The Shorea said she received NO instructions from the owners to do anything about the noise.

Police arriving to investigate The Shorea premise

Police arriving to investigate extreme noise complaints and drug use from party goers at The Shorea

Desperate, some neighbours visited The Shorea to intervene directly. It was obvious then that these young kids were high on ‘party drugs’. They agreed to turn the music down, but soon after, the volume was back up and it went on till midnight. The local Police came to investigate, after they left the music came back albeit ‘softer’ and went on all night.

At 8.30am this morning the music volume was bumped up again!!!

The Police have now sent in a narcotics team for urine testing.

Police truck for urine test

The Police truck arrives to haul-up party goers at The Shorea for urine testing.

Pantai Hill Resorts and Visitors – end goal

We have mentioned these goals in various sections of this website. This is just another re-iteration, highlighting things we hope to see, in the preservation and protection of Pantai Hill Resorts in Seremban and its rare and priceless jungle getaway status.

To the resorts who have yet to show any form of neighbourly communications and contact: The Shorea, Cabinz Cottage, Awanmulan – Our message is simple, lets meet up and talk about our future moving forward. The goal being a creation of a community agreement which we all can respect and honour.

To Visitors of Pantai Hill Resorts in Seremban: We hope you can self regulate. We are concerned with preserving the beauty, tranquility and its surrounding environment. BIG GROUPS for parties or corporate team building is a difinite NO. If you see your favourite resort on Pantai Hill promoting such business activities, please stop supporting them. For more information please look at our VISITOR GUIDELINES.

Berembun Forest reserve

Pantai Hill Resorts getaway – view of the Berembun Forest Reserve, Seremban

Pantai Hill River Cleanup Report

Pantai Hil River Cleanup graphic

Volunteers of the Pantai Hill Community, cleaning up a dumpsite by river.

> A good start to our first Pantaihillwatch.org community river dump cleanup project.
> Collected and packed more than 50 large bin bags
> Notable Pantai Hill resort absentees – The Shorea and Awanmulan
> Big Thank You to all who participated
<<View the full report here>>