Pesticide use on Pantai Hill Resort

We have been highlighting the extremely damaging effects of ‘Roundup’ the very popular weed killer from Monsanto. You can read them here and also from this posting: ‘Roundup, the ultimate killing Machine’.

We cannot say enough. The dangers to all on Pantai Hill, especially to small children and unborn babies. Please take some time to understand and voice out these concerns to your favourite resorts here on Pantai Hill.

Builders and contractors operating on Pantai Hill use pesticides to help clear land and for quick maintenance. If you see such opeartions in play, please help educate and stop them.


A recent article in The Star, highlights a study published by the University of California Berkeley – linked organophosphate pesticide metabolites in the urine of children to decreased lung function. The magnitude of this decrease is similar to a child’s second hand smoke exposure from his/her mother. These new findings are about children who live in an agriculture area where organophosphates are used. These chemicals target the nervous system and then to the lung of healthy children.


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