Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 – Best to all on Pantai Hill Resort


frog2Many happy and unfortunate events have come and passed on Pantai Hill Resort in 2015. Sadly, the conflict of legality and neighbourliness between residents and resort operators have continued unabated.

What a terrific game we are playing. Just like the games our nation plays with its citizens and just like the game globalists play with nation states.

DECEPTION>EGO>POWER>MONEY>OPPRESSION… imposing personal goals onto others without empathy.

Well….regardless of such behaviour – Pantai Hill Watch would like to send a message of LOVE and UNITY to all.

We would like to wish the best to – resort operators, visitors and residents of Pantai Hill. In all your endeavours and challenges in the year ahead.

Below is a little food for thought…

Common Nature, Common Origins – The Philosophy and Practice of Oneness
24th December 2015
By Giovanni Dienstmann

“He who, in pursuit of his own happiness, hurts others that are also seeking happiness, will not find it, either in this world or the next.” ~ Buddha

Our society is morally sick. Due to exaggerated value placed on individualism and materialism, most people are driven to pursue their own desires at whatever cost. Needless to say, this causes conflict and suffering to others, and to the planet — and yet many people are not even aware that this is not an intelligent strategy in the pursuit of their own personal happiness, much less the success of a society.

This situation is like if every cell in your body decides to act on its own, and consume as much nutrients and energy as it can – even more than it needs. Soon some parts of your body will get sick, and that will damage the health of the whole body – including that of those greedy cells.

Continue Reading – Common Nature, Common Origins – The Philosophy and Practice of OnenessCommon-Nature-Common-Origins-The-Philosophy-and-Practice-of-Oneness--330x242


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