The Dusun – Successfully Taps JBA Water up Pantai Hill

Pantai Hill Resort water wars have eased slightly with the responsible and considerate approach The Dusun has taken. Together with the positive response SAINS (Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan) has given, it paves the way for other resorts to follow a similar path and ease the burden on the Pantai Hill water tank.

This is how The Dusun experienced it:

SAINS helps out with a new pipe to overcome water tapping difficulties.

SAINS helps out with a new pipe to overcome water tapping difficulties.


In the ongoing water saga, there is one happy ending.

Two weeks ago, we made a successful application to tap into the Jabatan Berkalan Air (JBA) water pipe, which runs down Jalan Gunung. We are lucky to have land only a few meters from this pipe. David and Cee built a pump house, put in a large tank and installed the electric wiring and pipes needed to bring the water up to the top of our property. It cost a lot.

But there was no water! The JBA pipe was designed to serve Pantai town and other users way down the road. In the drought, the amount of water was so small and rushed by so fast, that it would not lift up into our tank.

Cee appealed to SAINS and met with one of their senior officers. Their attitude is that everyone has a right to water and it is their job to get it. They came to the site. They talked over the options. They explained (apologetically) that a solution might take 3 days. “Oh, that’s OK” says Cee.

Yesterday, a big gang came with a digger. They dug up the pipe, installed a valve, and we have water. So do Vijay and Prema and probably Mr Chong, Mr Kok and his neighbors a bit further down the road.

The responsiveness of SAINS is a very hopeful sign for the future. If the Pantai Hills community could get together and make the need here known to SAINS, it should be possible to design a system to bring water directly from the Loji to Pantai Hill’s users in a dedicated pipe. Issues of cost would have to be worked out with them.

Caveat: The Dusun will continue to tap water from our inlet in the jungle, as we have done for 30 years. SAINS water has to be paid for and will be for our houses and guests. We will no longer need to use water from the Pantai Hill’s reservoir but Cee and Haanim’s house on Lot 59 will keep their link in place for emergencies.

One thought on “The Dusun – Successfully Taps JBA Water up Pantai Hill

  1. Positive attitude by the Dusun. Unfortunately the other resorts dont seem to care and have full bookings despite our appeal to reduce in view of the critical shortage we are facing. The shorea located in Pantai Hill Orchard Resort. Seremban on thursday had 30 pax despite their website limiting to only 14. One small group checked out in utter disappointment. Please read in Trip Advisor for more details.
    To add to our ongoing water woes the presence of bacteria ecoliform is now a serious health hazard compounded by potential presence of leptospirosis can be a fatal disease. Cleaning utensils eating raw veges and drinking is no longer safe. Showers can also be suspect now with potential parasites lurking in the water.
    The public coming here please be warned. How can these resorts endanger the lives of the public is beyond any stretch of imagination.
    Maybe get the press alerted then the authorities might take action on these irresponsible resorts.


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