Health dangers on Pantai Hill Resort – Roundup use by residents

Roundup Kills

We have highlighted this very concerning issue before and is detailed in our Environment section. Roundup’s active ingredient – Glyphosate has been implicated in many research findings, to be extremely toxic for humans. In short, it is especially dangerous to fetuses and young children causing birth-defects, cancer and the blocking of minerals and vitamins from plants.

Roundup -Glyphsate kills
We residents of Pantai Hill would like to issue out this warning – to concerned residents and resort operators – PLEASE STOP using Roundup as a quick and easy solution to weed killing. What we spray at the top of Pantai Hill eventually runs down to all fruit trees and vegetation below (that we consume) and into the river and water systems down stream.

Roundup kills on Panta Hill resort

Children who play in Pantai Hill grounds who are most vulnerable are exposed unknowingly.GMO roundup vegetabes
PLEASE all residents who read this PLEASE refrain and STOP! this irresponsible and ignorant behaviour –

PLEASE  start educating your workers and contractors against using Roundup on the hill.

Below are some research links that implicate and reveal the hidden monster Roundup is:
WHO Glyphosate Report Ends Thirty Year Cancer Cover Up
Following on from last week’s Word Health Organization (WHO) report on glyphosate, which confirmed the world’s most used herbicide probably causes cancer, Sustainable Pulse has discovered documents from 1991 that show how the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) themselves were fully aware of glyphosate’s carcinogenic potential. <<read more>>

Monsanto’s Darkest Secret: Roundup’s Effect On The Fetus
In 2010, after a dramatic increase in reports of birth defects in Argentina (a four fold increase) since 2002, a lab study was performed that found low doses of the active ingredient in Roundup known as glyphosate, the most prevalent herbicide worldwide, causes birth defects in frog and chicken embryos. This study was followed by others demonstrating cardiac anomalies, embryonic death, and multifocal malformations suspected to be related to oxidized vitamin A toxicity caused by glyphosate.<<read more>>

Researcher Reveals Monsanto Has Known Since 1981 That Glyphosate Promotes Cancer
Glyphosate is patented as an antibiotic, and research shows Roundup damages your gut flora. In addition to chelating vitamins and minerals, glyphosate disrupts bacteria-manufacturing amino acids.<<read more>>
Watch the interview with DR.Samsel

Monsanto Knew of Glyphosate Cancer Link 35 Years Ago
According to evidence unearthed from the archives of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the United States, it has been established that Monsanto was fully aware of the potential of glyphosate to cause cancer in mammals as long ago as 1981.<<read more>>


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