The Shorea Techno Party – Police Investigation & Urine Testing

This techno party, hosted by The Shorea on Pantai Hill resorts- started in the late afternoon of 29 June 2015. As the repetitive music bounced and banged its way through the jungle trees and the serene valley below, guests from other nearby resorts and resident neighbours felt its over bearing imposition. THIS is MADNESS!

Party at The Shorea

The Shorea – hosting a techno party in Pantai Hill resorts. High volume of cars parked outside with no consideration for noise affecting neighbours

How can this happen again!!?? Don’t The Shorea owners have any consideration for their neighbours? or are they so blinded by  capitalist rewards $$$$$$$$ that their hearts have been hardened into stone…till they feel nothing, like a serial rapist picking on another victim… with no remorse.

Calls and smses to the owners of The Shorea did not yield any response. The manager of The Shorea said she received NO instructions from the owners to do anything about the noise.

Police arriving to investigate The Shorea premise

Police arriving to investigate extreme noise complaints and drug use from party goers at The Shorea

Desperate, some neighbours visited The Shorea to intervene directly. It was obvious then that these young kids were high on ‘party drugs’. They agreed to turn the music down, but soon after, the volume was back up and it went on till midnight. The local Police came to investigate, after they left the music came back albeit ‘softer’ and went on all night.

At 8.30am this morning the music volume was bumped up again!!!

The Police have now sent in a narcotics team for urine testing.

Police truck for urine test

The Police truck arrives to haul-up party goers at The Shorea for urine testing.

2 thoughts on “The Shorea Techno Party – Police Investigation & Urine Testing

  1. This is the results of party bookings that most resorts are practising. No supervision no controls will lead to this. Do we here as residents want this type of illegal activity being conducted here. What does it take to stop these resorts…maybe when security of residents are compromised and some serious incident take place then action will be taken? This maybe too late. Lets all work together to stop resorts having party group bookings. I trust the Police will take the lead


  2. Shorea party
    I am also extremely concerned about security on the hill. We appear to have undesirable people coming here to party. We have put up no tresspassing signs on our property and are thinking of installing a very noisy security alarm system to deter intruders. What happened to our peaceful environment
    and happy community has the greediness of certain resorts spoilt the hill. I appeal to all resorts who affect residents peace and security to rethink your businesses


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