Shameful Awanmulan – Deletes Facebook comments

On 29 June 2015, Awanmulan, located on Pantai Hill Resort, Seremban and also a ‘TripAdvisor Category Winner for 2015’  – deleted 2 comments on their facebook page, which provided constructive commentary on their business culture.

This is a big shameful blow to the brand of Awanmulan. Supporters of Awanmulan please be aware that the issues surrounding Pantai Hill and how Awanmulan runs its business has been censored from YOU. Just like many profit oriented operations, the truth is kept hidden (a PR strategy),  to avoid bad publicity and a negative backlash from customers.

Awanmulan in their posting on Facebook declares their concern for the environment and their empathy for the surrounding community of Pantai Hill. Is this mere ‘lip-service’ to make them look good to customers? How can they claim to be ‘concerned’ when comments on how they operate and suggestions for them to improve has been completely CENSORED!

Below is prove of their recent behaviour: screen shot of 2 postings on their facebook page and within hours, they were deleted. Even the ability to comment on Awanmulan facebook has been taken out. This is how afraid they are to face genuine issues regarding their operations that affect their immediate neighbours. Instead of choosing to solve them together, Awanmuan has chosen the dark side, the path of censorship and dumbing down the audience and customers – by blocking information.

Facebook comments deleted

Awanmulan Facebook comments censored from public viewing. This comment has been deleted.


facebook comments deleted

Another Awanmulan Facebook comment censored from public viewing. This comment has been deleted.

All is not lost. Sometimes people make mistakes or make defensive moves that blow up in their faces. As we have always maintained, we do not seek to ‘catch people’ and we do not seek to make enemies. We are always open to meet up and talk about how we can all move forward while sharing this wonderful Pantai Hill together. 🙂

One thought on “Shameful Awanmulan – Deletes Facebook comments

  1. Friends
    I am disappointed my comment got deleted. I was merely pointing out to Awanmulan to comply with law and agreement made with the developer. Why run such a big resort and destroy the very hill you seem to say you want to protect. Big groups come with lots of destruction to the natural beauty private residents are trying to protect our beloved Pantai Hill Orchard resort located in Pantai Seremban.


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