Shameful Awanmulan – Deletes Facebook comments

On 29 June 2015, Awanmulan, located on Pantai Hill Resort, Seremban and also a ‘TripAdvisor Category Winner for 2015’  – deleted 2 comments on their facebook page, which provided constructive commentary on their business culture.

This is a big shameful blow to the brand of Awanmulan. Supporters of Awanmulan please be aware that the issues surrounding Pantai Hill and how Awanmulan runs its business has been censored from YOU. Just like many profit oriented operations, the truth is kept hidden (a PR strategy),  to avoid bad publicity and a negative backlash from customers.

Awanmulan in their posting on Facebook declares their concern for the environment and their empathy for the surrounding community of Pantai Hill. Is this mere ‘lip-service’ to make them look good to customers? How can they claim to be ‘concerned’ when comments on how they operate and suggestions for them to improve has been completely CENSORED!

Below is prove of their recent behaviour: screen shot of 2 postings on their facebook page and within hours, they were deleted. Even the ability to comment on Awanmulan facebook has been taken out. This is how afraid they are to face genuine issues regarding their operations that affect their immediate neighbours. Instead of choosing to solve them together, Awanmuan has chosen the dark side, the path of censorship and dumbing down the audience and customers – by blocking information.

Facebook comments deleted

Awanmulan Facebook comments censored from public viewing. This comment has been deleted.


facebook comments deleted

Another Awanmulan Facebook comment censored from public viewing. This comment has been deleted.

All is not lost. Sometimes people make mistakes or make defensive moves that blow up in their faces. As we have always maintained, we do not seek to ‘catch people’ and we do not seek to make enemies. We are always open to meet up and talk about how we can all move forward while sharing this wonderful Pantai Hill together. 🙂

The Shorea Techno Party – Police Investigation & Urine Testing

This techno party, hosted by The Shorea on Pantai Hill resorts- started in the late afternoon of 29 June 2015. As the repetitive music bounced and banged its way through the jungle trees and the serene valley below, guests from other nearby resorts and resident neighbours felt its over bearing imposition. THIS is MADNESS!

Party at The Shorea

The Shorea – hosting a techno party in Pantai Hill resorts. High volume of cars parked outside with no consideration for noise affecting neighbours

How can this happen again!!?? Don’t The Shorea owners have any consideration for their neighbours? or are they so blinded by  capitalist rewards $$$$$$$$ that their hearts have been hardened into stone…till they feel nothing, like a serial rapist picking on another victim… with no remorse.

Calls and smses to the owners of The Shorea did not yield any response. The manager of The Shorea said she received NO instructions from the owners to do anything about the noise.

Police arriving to investigate The Shorea premise

Police arriving to investigate extreme noise complaints and drug use from party goers at The Shorea

Desperate, some neighbours visited The Shorea to intervene directly. It was obvious then that these young kids were high on ‘party drugs’. They agreed to turn the music down, but soon after, the volume was back up and it went on till midnight. The local Police came to investigate, after they left the music came back albeit ‘softer’ and went on all night.

At 8.30am this morning the music volume was bumped up again!!!

The Police have now sent in a narcotics team for urine testing.

Police truck for urine test

The Police truck arrives to haul-up party goers at The Shorea for urine testing.

Pantai Hill Resorts and Visitors – end goal

We have mentioned these goals in various sections of this website. This is just another re-iteration, highlighting things we hope to see, in the preservation and protection of Pantai Hill Resorts in Seremban and its rare and priceless jungle getaway status.

To the resorts who have yet to show any form of neighbourly communications and contact: The Shorea, Cabinz Cottage, Awanmulan – Our message is simple, lets meet up and talk about our future moving forward. The goal being a creation of a community agreement which we all can respect and honour.

To Visitors of Pantai Hill Resorts in Seremban: We hope you can self regulate. We are concerned with preserving the beauty, tranquility and its surrounding environment. BIG GROUPS for parties or corporate team building is a difinite NO. If you see your favourite resort on Pantai Hill promoting such business activities, please stop supporting them. For more information please look at our VISITOR GUIDELINES.

Berembun Forest reserve

Pantai Hill Resorts getaway – view of the Berembun Forest Reserve, Seremban

Pantai Hill Resort – Gate signage for visitors

Two signs designed to speak directly to Pantai Hill resort visitors were installed at the main gate yesterday. We hope that visitors will become more aware of hill politics, their own footprints and self-regulate in light of some resorts refusing to be in communication or act in a responsible way.

Visitor signs

Pantai hill watch signage for resort visitors at the main gates.

Visitor signs at gate

Pantai hill watch signage on both sides of the gate.


Pantai Hill Community River Cleanup – Letter for new bin

This is the follow up to our recent cleanup at the river dump-site. To prevent future garbage dumps into the river banks by irresponsible resorts on Pantai Hill and residents around Pantai Hill, we have initiated a letter – sanctioned together with the Kampung Baru Pantai village – requesting SWM Environment Sdn Bhd (the company that is contracted to provide garbage bins and garbage collection) to provide a new garbage bin to be located between the Orang Asli village and the SJK Cina Pantai Baru. We hope our request will be given attention soon.

letter for garbage bin

letter of request for new garbage bin between Kampung Baru Pantai an the Orang Asli village

Pantai Hill River Cleanup Report

Pantai Hil River Cleanup graphic

Volunteers of the Pantai Hill Community, cleaning up a dumpsite by river.

> A good start to our first community river dump cleanup project.
> Collected and packed more than 50 large bin bags
> Notable Pantai Hill resort absentees – The Shorea and Awanmulan
> Big Thank You to all who participated
<<View the full report here>>