Introducing Kampung Baru Pantai – Local Leaders

This is part of our efforts to involve and engage local leaders of Kampung Pantai Baru. Both Mustafa and Mokhtar are active leaders who are ready to receive any feedback or complaints regarding social issues that arise. Mokhtar is always available at the local post-office stand (in Kampung Pantai Baru) from 8.30am onwards Monday to Sunday. (best time to catch him is early in the morning)

Left- MUSTAFA PENDEK - Village Head & Chairman, Right- Mokhtar Omar - Secretary for VIllage Development, Security & Social activities.

Left- MUSTAFA PENDEK – Kampung Baru Pantai Village Head & Chairman, Right- Mokhtar Omar – Secretary for Village Development, Security & Social activities.

Pantai Hill Orchard Resort and its residents fall under the jurisdiction of Kampung Baru Pantai, we would like to introduce these men to all residents on the hill and also to visitors of Pantai Hill.  As they say, a picture can say a thousand words…now you know who and where to meet them for anything of concern during your visits.

These men are elected by the state government and their posts lasts for 3 years before the next change. They head a committee of 15 local representatives who have meetings on development, security and social matters once a month. They have indicated that they will give full support in helping and liaising with the local Police concerning issues raised by 

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